Sunday, February 5, 2012


The Facts
Birchbox is a beauty sampling box that you receive in the mail each month for $10 (includes shipping). These boxes come packaged in a pretty pink box filled with goodies wrapped in pink tissue paper and hand tied with ribbon. The box includes 4-5 high end beauty products that can be purchased in full size through their website. Each box includes a card with a description of the products. Once you receive your box and have reviewed the products, you simply log into your account and it already gives you direct access to your personalized items as well as other great products. When you sign up, you fill out a profile that ensures that you are receiving products that cater to your specific needs. Even better, when you purchase products through the site, you earn points that are good for discounts on later purchases. Sometimes you may even receive full size products.

You can earn points for the following:
10 points = each product you review from your box (4-6 per month usually)
1 point = each dollar you spend on the website
50 points = each referral you make to the company
*In essence, if you refer one friend a month and complete your reviews, it is as though your box is free!

My Personal Take
Although they claim to send boxes based on your beauty profile, I am not completely convinced that is the case.  They may use it to pick out a shade of foundation, but I think they have different versions of the box that they send out randomly.  I could be wrong, but sometimes others receive boxes that would have fit my profile perfectly while I received something completely opposite.  All in all, I am pretty pleased with Birchbox.  Sometimes they include questionable "extras" in the box (such as granola bars or paper coasters), but that is exactly what they are- extras.  I typically enjoy the products in my boxes and have been introduced to some new products that have become favorites.  I think their reward system is the best I have come across, so no complaints there.  I have scored tons of freebies that way and am now the proud owner of a new Sedu hairdryer- the best dryer I have ever owned.  Although you may have the occasional disappointment, I think they make up for it in rewards.  Not to mention, Birchbox is tied with Beauty Army for best customer service.  They are fast to respond and always willing to help with returns, questions, and even give replies to suggestions you have.  Birchbox is a winner in my book.  I just hope they keep it up since the competition is getting thicker and thicker!

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  1. Hi! I came across your site on BSN and think your concept is really great. I'm curious how long you've been subscribing to Birchbox? I considered signing up for it, but I'm skeptical. I've started hearing negative things about Birchbox and since I'm not currently working and $10/mth is precious to me lol